How To Find A Vulnerability In A Website

The importance of finding vulnerabilities on your website

Enforcing workload management

Reducing the attack surface

Application performance monitoring

  • Response timeouts
  • Database server errors
  • Outdated server software
  • Insecure HTTP headers
  • Website outage
  • Poorly configured application firewalls
  • Un secure application server

Forensics and attack detection

Speeding up continuous delivery

Ways to find a vulnerability in a website

Free vulnerability scanning

Conducting penetration testing

Creating a Threat Intelligence Framework

Most common questions when finding vulnerabilities you should consider

How often should vulnerability scans be performed?

What types of vulnerability scans are there?

What are the top considerations when choosing a vulnerability scanner?

  • Accuracy
  • Scalability
  • Level of control
  • Number of vulnerabilities covered
  • Reporting & visualization capability
  • Update frequency
  • Session management
  • Compliance




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